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An attorney specializing in police brutality can explain that federal, state and local law enforcement have an obligation to protect members of the public from criminals and positively apply control over the people with which they interact, but there are instances in which an officer of the law makes the conscious decision to victimize an individual and he or she then betrays the trust of the public. It is not unusual for unwitting victims who have suffered at the hands of an unscrupulous law enforcement officer to wonder what options exist when the unimaginable does occur. The seasoned police brutality specialists from our law office understand your rights and improving your quality of life is our priority.

The devoted attorneys from our firm have decades of legal experience and offer the one-on-one service clients who have suffered at the hands of a police officer require and deserve. If you or a loved one were wrongfully shot or suffered unnecessarily at the hands of an officer, the attorneys of our firm will be there for you. We are ready to hear the details of your story and demand the responsible party be held accountable for his or her part in the pain and suffering you were forced to endure.


Nearly all of us has had the misfortune to see smartphone footage recording and displaying an incident of violent conduct by a law enforcement officer. This does occur but it is important to keep in mind that misconduct by a police officer can take a host of forms. The Chicago police brutality attorneys from our office have the skill required to sort through your case and counsel you on how best to move ahead to ward securing a reasonable outcome.


  • Abuse of authority
  • Use of excessive violence
  • Humiliating strip searches
  • Sexual assault
  • Unnecessary use of power and coercion.


The police brutality lawyers from our firm believe in approaching claim for maximum recovery, and your case is not an exception to this rule. The lasting burdens that a victim is left to bear include:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Initial medical expenses
  • Ongoing bills for medical treatment.

The attorneys from our Illinois office offer unparalleled legal guidance to help you successfully fight for justice in your police brutality and misconduct claim.

You do not pay our police brutality attorneys unless we win your police misconduct or police brutality claim. If a loved one or you suffered an injury at the hands or local, federal or state law enforcement and you believe that the injury was the result of an abuse of authority or excessive force, it is important for you to contact our office 1-877-880-4861 as soon as possible. There are limits to police power. Legal claims for brutality may arise when officials go beyond their limits and cause needless harm. Submit a free consultation form to get the process started.

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